Our History

The Given Limb Foundation was established in 2007. ls pic 2 The idea for the foundation was conceived by Martha McDade after her brother-in-law, an Army doctor, returned from Iraq and described the nature of the injuries and long-term care needs of injured military personnel.

Since its start, the Given Limb has conducted numerous projects to support military personnel.  These projects have included:

  • aiding the design of a prosthetic to allow an upper body amputee to return to rock climbing
  • developing a caregiver education course
  • sponsoring kayaking and triathlon training programs.

Through these military-oriented efforts, the Given Limb has come to recognize and support the needs of civilian amputees as well.  For example, the Given Limb has helped finance prosthetics for those who cannot afford them and fund a scholarship for children with limb differences to attend a summer camp specially designed for them.

No matter what the project, the Given Limb distinguishes itself from other organizations by its level of personal attention to implementation.  Grant money is tracked closely and results are reviewed in each case to ensure donors’ money is used to achieve the most successful outcomes possible.