Given Limb Works with the Center for the Intrepid

On the plaque in front of the Intrepid mosaic there is a quote:

“To be resolutely fearless, bold, unafraid.”

This six-word sentence is emblematic of the courageous military personnel at the Center for the Intrepid at the Brooke Army Medical Center, a state of the art rehab facility in San Antonio.



Center for the Intrepid Gait Assessment Lab:

20% of injured military return to their units. To be eligible, they must prove they can handle uneven surfaces (gravel, sand) and steep slopes.




Intrepid Driving Lab:

In the Intrepid Driving Lab, patients are given the chance to to try different vehicle adaptations and are exposed to various driving scenarios on the screen. Many of the injured are not amputees, but have brain injuries and/or PTSD. This lab is a safe setting for driving assessment before road training.



Center for the Intrepid Pool:

The Given Limb helped USA Paratriathlon run their first training program here.





Center for the Intrepid Pool:

Paratriathlon training, started here by the Given Limb, is not just about competition, but about developing lifelong healthy exercise habits, which are proven to help with depression, PTSD, and other post-war issues.



Center for the Intrepid Occupational Therapy:

The OT lab area (left) is much the same as any other facility, but there is also a mockup of an apartment (right) where patients can practice cooking, cleaning, reaching items on shelves, etc.