Caregiver Training

kayaking 2The Given Limb Foundation provided a grant to the Amputee Coalition of America for the development of training for caregivers who are tending to military amputees in the Veterans Affairs system.  The need for training and support of the caregivers was proven by a survey, conducted as part of the grant, which showed that caregivers spend over 44 hours per week in their duties and that over 75% have no additional support in their efforts.  A caregiver peer visitor training program was launched in 20 of the 22 VA Amputation and Polytrauma Network Sites and Regional Amputation Centers.  The training focused on improving caregiver skills in order to reduce injuries commonly suffered by caregivers when lifting, transferring, and bathing their wounded loved ones. The training also helped caregivers avail themselves of the support resources available to them.  The Given Limb Foundation is proud to have sponsored this program, which has benefitted our wounded soldiers as well as those who dedicate so much time to the care of those wounded warriors.

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